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  1. 02 Mar '15 17:27
    My vacation flag's up at the moment, yet in some of my games my Timeout (typically 1 day) has depleted and my Timebank (typically 3 days) is depleting, this despite the message 'You are currently booked on vacation and exempt from timeout' appearing on my profile. Surely games should be protected irrespective of the length of the vacation, e.g. 1-day Timeout/3-day Timebank games in a 7-day vacation? If my Timeout isn't 'protected or 'frozen', what's the point of the vacation flag? It only seems a matter of time before skulls start appearing on my home page and opponents claim matches. The FAQs don't make this clear in my view.

  2. Donation mwmiller
    RHP Member No.16
    02 Mar '15 18:01 / 3 edits
    When you have your vacation set, your time will still run down as usual.

    The only thing that the vacation status does for you is to prevent an opponent from claiming a time out victory against you when your time is totally depleted.

    It DOES NOT stop the clock! So pay attention and make all your moves before your vacation period expires!

    You can still make moves in your games while your vacation status is active, in case you were not aware of that.

    This isn't explained very well in the FAQ and is barely mentioned on the vacation settings page.
    It probably should be stated more clearly or prominently in both places.
  3. 02 Mar '15 18:12
    Thanks for explaining that mwmiller. Totally agree re the FAQs explanation - it needs redrafting.