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  1. 26 Sep '03 05:09
    I was very disappointed to see some games lost to timeout upon returning from a two week vacation. I had my 'vacation tag' on but some players disregarded it.
    One player said he/she was going on vacation soon so they timed out our games to avoid my claiming the wins myself. That is comparable to going around stepping on other people's feet because you think they might step on yours.
    I never timeout vacation games for the best reason of all: the golden rule. It's too bad we can't play by the honor system on RHP. Since we can't, I ask the admins of this fine site to make timing out vacation games impossible - or at least put a limit (three weeks?) before those games can be timed out.
    PS>> I was also heartened by the fact that many more players did not timeout our games. That's the way it should be.
    PPS>> Whether tournament games should be automatically timed out (as they are) is another matter. When a player sees their vacationing adversary's rating plummet due to tournament games, they undoubtedly feel the urge to claim the ill-gotten win.
  2. Standard member flexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    28 Sep '03 03:23
    There is an idea around that ever player could claim so 21 days per year of vacation when they CANNOT be t/o'd, then after that they are vulnerable to it.