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  1. Standard member skeeter
    515 + 30 days
    06 Jul '03 04:43 / 3 edits
    Dear Russ and the RHP Team.
    What started out as a few casual games on the site has, after joining the PS brigade, now metamorphasised into a 100 plus game portfolio with visible signs of panic sneaking in to my play. I didn't plan for this - it just tourneyed out that way LOL . Serious now, accurate time management is essential if one is to avoid those time-outs and to this end I have a small request. I use the last move (descending) column view to priortise my next game (the oldest) in which to play.
    The problem is that if I have to leave the page/site the server will not remember my selection and defaults to the game ID column and I have to reselect.
    This problem is compounded by the fact that we now have 1,3,7 and 14 day timeouts and the site will not allow me to visit my games in that order even using the tourney name column.
    So,first ask is that the site remembers our column preference at log off and now reaching for the moon, a view options menu where players could customise the order in which they view and/or play.

    Not much to ask for a Kiwi girl ??

    BR's from the skeeter
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    06 Jul '03 11:00
    The BIG enhancement I have planned over the next couple of weeks is a major rewrite of the 'my games' view.

    This includes a caledar view for 'my games' - showing when games are due to timeout, whilst dropping a lot of the current detail. And yes, I will allow default options to be choosen.

    >> Not much to ask for a Kiwi girl ??

    Bah! I'm married now to a Kiwi girl. They are SUCH a demanding bunch... 😉