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  1. 11 Dec '01 11:42
    chrismo twice today ive tried castling in two games whilst im in check
    but it will not let me y is this happening is it my fault or the
  2. Subscriber Chris
    Site Admin
    11 Dec '01 11:56
    Hi Casper,

    You can't castle when you're in check.

  3. 11 Dec '01 14:19
    You cannot castle through check Casp, and your king must not pass
    through a square that is controlled by opponents piece while castling
    and no piece involved in the castle can have moved previously, even if
    it has returned to the original square.
    The biggest area of confusion re castling is whether or not your rook
    can pass through a square controlled by an opponents piece when
    castling. (This phenomenon often comes up during queen side
    castles) Or can you castle when the rook in question is being attacked.
    The answer to both of these is: yes you can.