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  1. Standard member fatzfoxwell
    Fatz Foxwell
    09 Nov '04 05:59
    I have been trying to initiate a game with deadbynimba. He and I have tried three times. Each time his opening move is shown as e6. I have played him for years (not online) and he would never open that way. Plus he denies making that move.

    Is he doing something wrong? What is the frequency of the interface showing wrong moves? I have been asking him to subscribe to RHP but this experience is not winning him over.
  2. Standard member thire
    10 Nov '04 07:45
    I've never heard of a false move here at RHP (2 years), so this should NOT be RHP's fault.
    What browser is your friend using?
  3. Standard member fatzfoxwell
    Fatz Foxwell
    11 Nov '04 22:29
    He's using netscape 7
  4. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    12 Nov '04 08:58
    Netscape X is no longer a supported browser. Although I should not force upgrades upon anyone, this browser is all but dead now, so no work a rounds for browser bugs (or quirks) will be provided.

    Please suggest to your friend that he upgrades to Firefox. (The obvious heir to Netscape.)

  5. Standard member thire
    12 Nov '04 10:32
    yep. forcing an update isn't good, but an upgrade to FF... 😉
    read this thread about the new release as well: