1. e4
    06 May '08
    29 Jun '17 10:03

    A new jacket design for chess players.

    My new house and a picture of me with the Thompson Twins.

    What Happened Next. 3 riddles to test your chess trivia.

    Korchnoi - Karpov, Brussels 1987

    (Black to move) What happened next?

    J. Polgar - B. Spassky, 10th game, Budapest 1993.

    (Black to play move 11) What happened next? (and was then undone by the organisers.)

    S. Mamedyarov - H. Nakamura, Grand Tour Blitz, Paris 2017.

    What happened next?

    Black to play.

    A piece on the Salvio Trap inspired by @Spectators post.

    Hall of Doom featuring King and Queen v King and Queen

    Blog Post 361
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    01 Nov '01
    29 Jun '17 17:39
    Would love a house with a round room - we don't have castles in the US - doesn't fit the McMansion style.

    Don't know last time I played QGA as white - think I'll try to force one next tournament I enter. See if I can snag a rook.
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    18 Jan '07
    30 Jun '17 09:461 edit
    In the ticmic - Swiss Toni game, wouldn't 18 Bd2 have been a better way to block the pawn? You don't hem in that bishop, which you point out is a problem; and as a bonus, you attack b4.
    White's b2 doesn't need protecting right then, and you can get the knight out some other way - if only through c1, temporarily putting a little bit of pressure on d3.
  4. e4
    06 May '08
    30 Jun '17 14:02
    Hi Shallow Blue,

    Yeah, 18.Bd2 looks better. 18.Nd2 and it looks like White had e3-e4 plans.

    After looking at 100's of RHP games it's often you see short term ideas. (e3-e4) being
    played. It's as if the player is happy to see something, an, idea and it does not appear
    to hang anything. So they go with that and move quickly onto their next game.
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