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  1. e4
    06 May '08
    17 Sep '19 12:26

    A wee piece about Pal Benko who recently passed away with a
    Benko Trap, Benko Game and a study from 'Benko's Bafflers'.

    We look for and find RHP coincidence blunders
    from two games played in the recent World Cup

    A Spy v Spy cartoon with a chess theme.

    A picture of a bus named after a famous player.
    (I need more chess related pics of anything - thank you Moonbus)

    A warning about how easy it may be to make a mistake
    promoting a pawn when playing using a mobile phone.

    Blog Post 431
  2. Subscribermchill
    Behind the scenes
    27 Jun '16
    17 Sep '19 13:101 edit

    I spent many happy hours over the board in efforts to solve Benko's bafferers back in the 80's.

    RIP Pal - you will not be forgotten! 😢