I've Been Cheated!

I've Been Cheated!

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06 May 08
06 Oct 22
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And it has nothing to do with the Carlsen - Niemann affair.

One gag and then onto a really tough mate in two problem where I looked for
a mate in two (obviously) but dismissed the solution without even considering
it because you do not expect a check to be the first move of a standard mate in two.

I spent 5 minutes on it before I saw it. What a low down rotten trick. Cheat!

Then we have another puzzle, feel free to plug in your chess engine if you want to
but it will not do you no good. It won’t solve it. It is White to play. What Happened Next?

Then a handful of RHP positions. cthilton - katella is good. White refuses a draw
and in doing so misses a win. Eventually White losses.. However if they went for the
win then their opponent could have claimed a draw. Does that make any sense to you?
(I’ve given up trying to explain this one, just hit the blog and see it for yourself.)

Also a Stamp and a Star.

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22 Apr 05
07 Oct 22

Thank you Geoff, for yet another gem.

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