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Chess and the Indian Navy111 May '18 14:20greenpawn34greenpawn34
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Game collection books430 Apr '18 13:55mchillPaul Leggett
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My first OTB tournament (ECF graded)1222 Apr '18 18:4864squaresofpain64squaresofpain
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New Piece Value Formula618 Apr '18 19:00ketchuplovervenda
Anticomputer chess live and kicking7417 Apr '18 07:49Lyudmil TsvetkovLyudmil Tsvetkov
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playing the same move over and over...215 Apr '18 19:17sevyBigDoggProblem
A day in the life of chesspatzeruk!115 Apr '18 16:12ChesspatzerukChesspatzeruk
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Fabiano on a roll914 Apr '18 06:30sundown316ogb
Vacation icon (Airplane):514 Apr '18 03:49WOLFE63ogb
The top 10610 Apr '18 18:34mchilljohnnybike
For beginners: Knight Patterns (and a Queen Pat...306 Apr '18 21:32caesar saladketchuplover
Digital mercy405 Apr '18 12:38elassasinomchill
Would You Play Without RESIGNS?1104 Apr '18 04:22ketchuploverelassasino
Blundering your Queen but still winning803 Apr '18 12:55Marinkatombelassasino