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Beginners chess610 Jun '16 14:15Lucky Scrunchyvenda
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300 point difference, what % of wins expected?1004 Jun '16 23:11sonhouseTommovich
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From the Theater of the Absurd1304 Jun '16 06:50Paul Leggettmoonbus
My Lucky Chess Socks303 Jun '16 13:12greenpawn34greenpawn34
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Mikelom Memorial Tournament (round 2)801 Jun '16 17:52greenpawn34greenpawn34
Using in-game chat as a distraction1831 May '16 20:43divegeestervaroadstter
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Off shore Fischer428 May '16 06:56Marinkatombsonhouse
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CT-ART 6.0 - Is the new version worth it?626 May '16 13:04zarkothRagwort
Wow! what a game. (C19th Vienna)125 May '16 04:27wolfgang59wolfgang59
CHECKMATE in under 20 moves423 May '16 20:13bikingvikingsonhouse
Wrong way to play chess122 May '16 12:36vanderveldevandervelde