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  1. Subscriber Pariah325
    Knife Wielder
    21 Sep '10 03:52
    Is this book of any value? Seemed interesting to me (on line), but I haven't seen it with my own eyes. I liked flipping through Chernev's Opening Chess Traps and the 200 MIniature games (not sure who collected those games) Is this along the same sort of thing?
  2. 21 Sep '10 04:49
    Greenpawn and I have praised this book many times.
    I say go for it.
    Play through these games, and you will see hundreds of different tactical ideas.
    You can also learn how to seize your chance when the opportunity presents itself.
    (No one wins a miniature by playing passively or on defense.)
    I still read it by myself and also go over with all my chessplaying friends (of various levels).
  3. 22 Sep '10 23:27
    Great book.

    Often wondered if just looking at tactical postions and asking the
    student to find the shot is really doing any good.

    How do we get these positions, what has happened to reach this?
    Here you see you how a better developed side switches into action.
    (probably more beneficial than solving the actual puzzle itself).

    How a small slip some 6 or 7 moves earlier has allowed one
    side to set himself up for combo.

    My only gripe with this book is no opening index,
    Though this really is a good thing, tactics and traps can come
    from any opening and some 'dull' openings can produce fireworks.
  4. Subscriber Pariah325
    Knife Wielder
    22 Sep '10 23:43
    Thanks for the advice. I went ahead and ordered it, especially since my subscription to Monthly Chess Instructor was refunded, had some extra money around. I've recently started to see the importance of jumping out early in a lot of my games, starting a journal/log really helped with that, and when Greenpawn posted 200 miniatures a while back I got some good stuff from playing through those. Hopefully it will keep panning out for me.
  5. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    23 Sep '10 04:12
    Chernev is a great author, and a book of miniatures, would be indispensible as a learning tool.
  6. 23 Sep '10 04:33
    The title is certainly inspirational.

    Sounds like one could trade all opening variation books for this one instead.
  7. 23 Sep '10 12:16
    That's true.

    It's good learning watching how players punish slack play in every opening
    and you will soon see some of the tactical ideas appearing in your games.

    I use to know a site were you could get the games but no notes.
    (Infact Chernev's notes are very light, just amusing intro's and a comment
    here and there.)

    Like Paul I often grab the book at random and skip through a few games.
    The plan being to play over a few catoons before hitting the hay.
    Often a bad idea as I'm still there 2 hours later pulling some game
    to pieces especially of I see a counter trap.

    Every Black win can be produced by White a tempo down I try to
    created the game with a White win losing a tempo.
    Or experiment with daftness.

    A basic example.