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  1. 30 Apr '13 21:52 / 2 edits
    5 positions that will feature in the 'What Happened Next section
    with solutions in the next Blog.

    I really wanted to see what everything looked up with this
    new fabby dabby update. Things are running much quicker
    which means you guys will be moving much quicker which means
    you will blunder more often and I'll have blog material from now till doomsday.

    What happened Next?
    Answer next Blog (hopefully Thursday - just waiting on some Duck pics.)

    I have removed the names for now so you guys cannot look up
    the games for the answers.
    Remember you are looking for terrible blunders.

    RHP 2012

    Black. A whole Rook up to play. White then mates in two…..with a Knight.

    RHP 2011

    Black to play and White helps him to mate himself in two moves.
    1…Qe1 2.Kh1 Qxf1 mate is one way. But what do you think happened?

    RHP 2010

    Black to play. White mates on the next move.

    RHP 2012

    White can mate in one move with.
    1.Qd7 or 1.Qc6 or 1.Qb5. What happened next?


    White to play.
    This is unique. It’s brilliant. Look at the position.
    What can either White Rook do and what happened next?
    The end (Black mates) is an amazing coincidence.
  2. 02 May '13 08:10
    A guess on the first one: 1... Re8+ 2. Qxe8+ Kg7 3. Nf5#
  3. 02 May '13 09:09
    The fifth position is unique, indeed, almost like a composition. White has a choice of mate in one with either rook and (I think) decides to attack the a-rook with b4?? (although such an outrageous move deserves "!!"), allowing black to mate in one with Ra3#
  4. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    02 May '13 09:52 / 3 edits
    I don't think you got that one right. I think the twist is white plays some move which allows ra5xa2 allowing black to mate with either rook on the next move.
  5. 02 May '13 14:17
    the third one: 1. ..b5 (pins both knights!) 2. Nc5#
  6. 02 May '13 14:25 / 1 edit
    The answers are posted on the lasted blog.

    I like the one where the lad missed 3 mates in one to find a stalemate.

    White played 1.Qd1 stalemate.
  7. 02 May '13 14:38
    That's a fine one. I was thinking Qc5 to get Qa3# in. However interrupted with back rank mate first of course. But the stalemate is even more beautiful.