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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 27 Jun '14 09:04
    Here is the plan. It is something like they have on

    I'll post a chess puzzle. (I'll start by calling it RHP Puzzle #1.)

    It will take the format a fen position. Name, date and place (if possible)
    and then the full pgn which will include the solution.

    If the solution was actually missed in the game then play out the missed solution.

    They should never be too difficult.
    No need for hidden answers, just a comment or two on how
    you got it (seen the idea in another game - give game)
    or if you failed.
    Also if you spotted something else in the full game.
    This should generate some interesting threads.

    I'll do the first 10 (it may not be everyday - was thinking of one every two to three days..yes?)

    we will see how it goes and what interest there is. If a success then another lad can take over for 5-10 puzzles.
  2. Subscriber Ponderableonline
    27 Jun '14 11:15

    good idea here.

    And Yes I went to the puzzle imidiately without noticing this thread
  3. 27 Jun '14 20:42
    Or maybe as in They have easy and hard puzzles.