1. e4
    06 May '08
    09 Aug '17 22:50
    I just escaped with a draw with Steven Anthony

    I tried to send a series of 'Deep Conditional' moves which repeats a position
    but the system would not let me saying it was already a stored move.

  2. Standard membercongruent
    Chess Player
    19 Aug '12
    12 Aug '17 06:49
    Did you mean to draw the game then or did RHP draw the game automatically? I don't use the deep mode thing much only one or two moves for recaptures etc
  3. Subscribermoonbus
    31 May '12
    12 Aug '17 09:112 edits
    Black may have played 12. ... Bd6 with the idea of continuing 13. ... Re8 hammering the open e-file. You were lucky to escape with perpetual.

    RE the bug in deep conditional, maybe should be posted to site ideas. I'm game to test it with you as soon as Russ has a patch.
  4. e4
    06 May '08
    12 Aug '17 12:551 edit
    Game 12326144 Here with Black to play (obviously as he is in check)

    I went into deep mode if 14...Kh7 15. Qd3+ if 25...Kg8 16.Qc4+ if 16...Kh7 and it would
    not let me send 17.Qd3+ saying that move had already been used as a conditional move.

    I use 'Deep Mode' fairly frequently, especially when setting a trap.

    I assume players are like me and do their games in playing sessions. Conditional
    moves come round quickly, the system gives your reply after a second or two and
    I'm hoping my opponent, like I do sometime, gets caught up in the quick move syndrome.

    Also I get a kick of out knowing if I've set a trap (see next game) and if my opponent walks
    into it. It is being played out for me whilst I'm asleep, or at work or waiting for a bus.

    My other game with Steven was such a case.

    I worked out a wee snare if White now played 17.Qc2 and sent it 'Deep Mode' up until 21...Bxc2.

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