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  1. 08 Jan '06 02:36 / 1 edit
    i have 'discovered' the analysis board...i always knew it was there but
    never bothered with it....i started to use it when i joined my first
    tournament..the 0-999 speedy my 'hasty' and bad
    moves have been cut down drastically and i do not often lose a piece
    to a knight fork as i can see it coming with the analysis board...for those of you who have not used this tool i do very much recommend fills in the holes in your game where you made quick and unreflective moves....i am now 10 games ahead of my nearest tournament competitor and only 2 of those games were from a timeout
    becuase a tourney player never played...i could not have gotten so far
    playing my old way...
  2. Standard member menace71
    Can't win a game of
    08 Jan '06 02:46
    Yes the analysis board works well. Its working against me LOL
  3. 08 Jan '06 02:48
    I love the analysis board. It makes difficult combinations so much easier. I've started using it recently and I no longer miss mate in one :p
  4. Standard member Ravello
    The RudeĀ©
    08 Jan '06 02:49 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by GENGAR
    ...i could not have gotten so far
    playing my old way...
    Ehm,seeing your rating graph, in April you were rated 1186 and now 977..........
  5. 08 Jan '06 02:56
    you see....i have emotional moments of brilliant play...i was reading
    oppenheimer's biography thru the winter and spring ( a christmas is american prometheus ) so i played better as i was in
    the company of a great man...then i became despondent and i quit
    the site...resigning all my now i struggle back ( no i do
    not see a psychiatrist or take drugs...i just struggle back....anyway i
    am getting off the mark...i will soon be back at about 1150 in about
    two months and that is my skill level....but i may take you on mr. ravello...i took on mctayto of pc's were made for chess last week...he
    was 300 points above me and i took him to a draw.....)...