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  1. 24 Jul '15 14:57 / 1 edit
    And this is today's challenge,

    (It's from the book - 'Ancestor' by Scott Sigler )

    Colding, the man is playing White, Jian, the female is playing Black.

    Page 204:

    "Colding moved his Queen's knight and smiled. "Check"

    Page 206 (no other moves had been played in-between)

    She set her rook in a new space that blocked his check.

    Colding smiled and started to move his knight into attack position,when he
    saw that by moving her rook, she had put his king in check with her bishop.

    "Checkmate in two moves." said Jian.

    (hmmm...blocking a knight check with a rook, that's clever.)

    OK. Set up a position and play it our via a PGN where all this is legal.

    Adding, when Colding was planning to move his Knight 'into attack
    position.' he was actually going to mate Jian on that move.
  2. 24 Jul '15 15:42 / 2 edits
    Here's a rather clunky solution. I'm sure Clifford (aka Big Red Dog Problem) will come up with something a great deal more elegant.

    Colding was, of course, planning to play 2. Nc6#
  3. 25 Jul '15 13:02 / 2 edits
    Hi DataFly,

    My solution is creaky too but it works.

    May work on a better one and send it to the author, they can use it when they make the film.