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  1. 26 Sep '10 20:00
    White: G.Olte Black: R.Nichols. Connecticut 1970's.

    Black to play

    ...and Black Resigned. Quite a deep resigination.

    Use PGN moving thingy to show why he resigned.
  2. 26 Sep '10 20:20
    I really don't get it. It seems a pretty easy win for black.
    Maybe he was almost out of time?
  3. 26 Sep '10 20:31
    Apparently not short of time.
    If he was he would have just stormed on and not stopped
    to think about the position.

    When Black offered his hand White asked if he was resigning
    and Black replied "Yes I cannot stop the pawn from Queening."
  4. 26 Sep '10 20:32 / 1 edit

    Ergo, black resigned because he was a nutter.
  5. 26 Sep '10 20:35
    I am guessing black fixated on the two white pawns, saw he couldn't stop at least one queening and missed the mate.
  6. 26 Sep '10 20:37 / 1 edit
    Yeah I'm not getting it either... if it's really black to move all he has to do is push his pawn to g2 with check. White king must go to g1. Then he takes the f-pawn and marches down the board. White can queen first if he wants to but it's going to be a pawn-duo + king checkmate.

    Now how do I insert a pgn which starts at your position?

    EDIT: Thank you Sensei Meadows

  7. 26 Sep '10 20:37
    Apparantly, black couldn't think more than 5 moves ahead.
  8. 26 Sep '10 22:31

    Black suffered from what so many on here suffer from.

    Move Priority.
    The strongest thing you can have in chess is the move.

    They look at their opponents threat first and deal with
    it often missing their own much stronger threat.

    He just looked at White's threat of Queening and stopped there.

    Check all checks!
  9. Standard member nimzo5
    26 Sep '10 22:45
    It's also possible the game score is wrong. What is it something like 50,000 games in twic have the wrong game score??
  10. 26 Sep '10 23:40 / 1 edit
    Nimzo you surprise me.

    As if I would post something so loose without checking my source. 😉

    The full story plus grades and game score.