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  1. 09 Sep '10 23:17
    The embarrasing hype is their idea (they pay me, I have sold my soul).

    They give Red Hot Pawn a mention, part of the deal.

    Looking forward to just simply exploding and seeing where I go.
    I like the idea of me being in a pub having a rant or telling a story.

    Once a month there, once a week here....good.

    I like to talking to you guys so I can reveal that the player who lived
    in the lake was originally called TANAKA.

    Then to my utter dismay I discovered there is actually a chess player
    called TANAKA.

    (apparently TANKA is a very common name in Japan). wife is called Joanna, the natural follow up was JANAKA.

    Posted and published then discovered User 236208 JANAKA!!
    But he not moved since 2006. Should have dated the piece 2006.

    Opening shot.

    These GM guys, Anand, Topolov, Carlsen and Kramnik.
    They are POCHs

    Pampered Overrated Chess Players

    What do they really know about playing chess.

    Now how can you resist an opening like that... read on.

    .....and I do value feedback from you guys good or bad.
  2. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    09 Sep '10 23:25
    When I read "The thought had never crossed my mind" it made me laugh out loud! I walked right into that one.
  3. 09 Sep '10 23:28
    Gosh Paul, that was a fluke.

    It was not meant. I never saw it till you mentioned it.

    OK keep that one in.
  4. 09 Sep '10 23:30
    The guys robbing houses was funny.
  5. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    09 Sep '10 23:31
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Gosh Paul, that was a fluke.

    It was not meant. I never saw it till you mentioned it.

    OK keep that one in.
    I wondered...but the literary timing was perfect!

    I play chess like that- I have had at least a handful of games where I have played a move, and my opponent surprised me by resigning. I played the move based on general or positional considerations, and it had a tactical threat that had no answer, and I hadn't looked that far. Lucky is as lucky does!
  6. 10 Sep '10 01:20
    At the club I played at over the summer (now I'm back in school) there was actually a girl who came occasionally... Of course all the guys were crazy about her. She was smart, attractive, and she worked as a probation officer in the city. One time she arrived at the club with a bruise around her neck... apparently she had been choked out by some moron at the probation department.

    With a lanyard he hooked his keys onto.

    Lanyards are now banned down at the probation department...

    Anyway besides being famous for that she also played the best Dragon at the club. If anyone tried 2.c3/2.Nc3 she called us cowards. It actually meant something coming from her...

    Also, good story.
  7. 10 Sep '10 02:30
    very cool GP
  8. 10 Sep '10 09:18 / 1 edit
    Pampered Overrated Chess Players. Shouldn't that be POCP? I suppose POCH could be Pampered Overrated Chess Hacks. How about Pampered Overrated Overpaid Chess Hacks? POOCH. I wonder when Anand was last called a good pooch?

    Other than that, utterly brilliant. Anyone or anything that brings the daftness back to chess deserves sainthood.
  9. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    10 Sep '10 10:58
    Damn you GP! I really didn't need ANOTHER chess site to squander countless hours on!
  10. 10 Sep '10 11:21
    I put that one in.

    "Now how can you resist an opening like that... read on. "

    The theme is me sitting in a pub getting more and drunk as the
    piece goes on. So I get more and more outrageous.

    The gaps in the text are me stopping to swig another mouthful of beer.

    There were meant to be more slips of tongue but they got taken out
    in the tidy up. I had 7 seven players in a six man team ( a woman) but
    she did not fit.

    I like poochs though.
  11. 10 Sep '10 12:35
    Nice one GP/

    romans lab - looks familiar...?

    Could you upload the videos somewhere for us to watch?
  12. 12 Sep '10 21:24

    There is a copyright on these things.

    Strange choice of nickname.

    You are playing the Colle as White and resiging for some reason in a won
    postion [gid]7748793 [/gid] gving the greenpawn family a bad name.
  13. 12 Sep '10 22:03
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Hi GP,

    We have your link here, which is good for us. But looking at the Chessville site, I only see one link on the home page (on the left). But it looks like it might soon drop off the bottom of the page if a few more entries are made. I looked everywhere else, even the site map, and I can't find any other links to your "On the Loose" page. If that one link drops off, then any new web surfers won't even know you exist at Chessville.

    Maybe this is a Chessville issue that you have no control over, but I figured I'd mention it. Maybe they just haven't updated their other pages with new links yet?