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  1. 13 Oct '17 21:20 / 3 edits
    At a diner in Greenwich Village, in the beginning of March 1960, all of those people were hanging there, one day in afternoon.

    Then two men had met there and took third board from famous mahagony bar, which is now reassembled in an Austin restaurant.

    Only one of the two took notice of even then famous artists and composers. Neither did the above mentioned artists notice the two men who appointed their meeting at the diner.

    It was an interview, in fact in the eve of Mar Del Plata chess turnament...

    One of those two guys who dined at this dner was, errr, Bobby Fischer,who brought with himsef letter with pairings and tournament scheduleand his shabby pocket chess set.

    The other was Mr. Brady...

    Fischer had Loewenbrau draft beer and super sized very spicy spare ribs with honey mustard, while Mr. Brady had metrosexual Heinken and curry.

    Fischer told to Mr. Brady that he was going to prepare only for comrade Bronstein, as he regarded Olafsson and Spassky as easier opponents. He showed myriades of variations on his pocket chess set to stunned Brady. (At the time Fischer began to change his diet from only fish filets plus orange juice to Indian and generally spicy cuisine accompanied with 1-2 glass of wine or beer.)

    This, we can say event, shows how New York was a kind of center of the world during sixties without anyone being aware of that.

    Fischer and Spassky ended tied on 1st place.
    Letelier vs. Fischer
    round 14

  2. 14 Oct '17 12:33
    The owner of the Greenwich Village still talks about that day.

    He was so engrossed with the analysis taking place on the chess board
    Warhol, Pollock, Cage, and Kline all sneaked off without paying.

    Fischer had a P.4 W.3 L.1 score v Letelier two of the games, including
    the one vandervelde gave are something special and another is infamous.

    This one made the hollowed pages of 'My 60 Memorable Games.'

    Letelier - Fischer, Leipzig Olympiad 1960

    Fischer - Letelier Mar del Plata (1959).

    Mednis called 6.c5 the worst blunder of Fischer's career.
  3. 14 Oct '17 13:06 / 1 edit
    You're bluffing - "owner or Greenwich Village"?!
    It was Cedar Tavern, and it was temporarily closed and moved to University Place at Manhattan in 2006, when previous venue was sold for building with expensive flats.

    Few years ago even new Cedar tavern was closed.
    NY Times published weeping article about that.

    Warhol and co. paid their bills, all right.

    If I had posted that game with queen quasisac - and this game I saw for the first time in Dr. Petar Triunovic's book "Bobby Fischer Ante Portas" 1971 - you would have posted "my" game under the pretence that it is more educatve.

    By the way, the same pocket chess set Fischer had in Reykjavik...
  4. 14 Oct '17 13:24
    Hi vandervelde,

    I probably am bluffing, joking.

    All three games are instructive, I just felt like adding the other two.