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  1. 09 Nov '13 00:41
    I have been blundering around on RHP for about 3 years and very much enjoy the correspondence style of play (multiple games / come and go). I recently joined a chess club in the local town and having been playing a few games there (quite a struggle to adapt to OTB play I found)

    I soon found that rapid as they do it ( 25min +10) is my preferred time. I really can't concentrate for long enough to get more out of more time, and of course my play is even more haphazard than at RHP!

    So they are having a 6 round rapid event and I will probably get thrashed like an old rug, but i thought it would be fun to take part nevertheless.

    I was wondering if there were particular things that you tried in this sort of thing. For example - same white openings in all 3 games? or same defences as black if possible.
    Or try something riskier in the later games when everyone is tired?

    Any suggestions or anecdotes gratefully received...
  2. 09 Nov '13 02:43
    Just enter, enjoy it and have fun, don't worry about the results
  3. 09 Nov '13 02:54
    As St says, just go out and have some fun.

    If it is anything like my first tournaments any ideas or plans we give you
    will fly away the moment the first pawn is pushed.
    Then they will all come flooding back after the game is over.
    The experience gained will be worth it. Don't make it your last tournament.
    Good Luck and attack them. At this speed the attacks are doubly dangerous.
  4. 11 Nov '13 08:50
    So the event was quite good fun in the end and a good experience. So different from online play, 6 games in about 6 hours - phew!
    5 of the 22 players were over 2000.

    I managed to note the games up as I went (until near the end) and its a bit of a humbling experience to look over them afterwards - missed a mate in 2 - doh!
    But i did get away with a semi-hanging piece as well, so perhaps it all evens up :-)

    This was my last game (Round 6) against someone who is rated 1770 OTB.
    I thought i managed quite well to get to the position at move 31.
    I lost in the end, as I just made dumb moves under time pressure.

    So a few lessons learnt, and ready to have another go at some stage