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Only Chess Forum

  1. 30 Apr '09 21:04
    I know you can play unlimited games as a subscriber but 1453 games is taking it a bit far.
    He must get a headache with this sort of addiction!
  2. 30 Apr '09 22:02
    That is a lot of games.

    He has only made one post - way back in 2007 in the religious forum.

    "Pray is Pray".

    Guess he does not have much time to write longer posts.

    I wonder what it's like logging on and seeing:

    1453 games waiting

    Anybody going to check out his games in Games Explorer.
    Better not, most likely break the thing.
  3. Subscriber Proper Knob
    30 Apr '09 22:18
    1453 games going and he's still 4000 moves off the number one spot for most moves in April.
  4. 30 Apr '09 22:39
    This user User 332714 used to have over 1600 games going, but couldn't keep up, and eventually let a lot of them time out.
  5. 30 Apr '09 22:52
    Yeah. I'm playing this guy right now. The games are taking forever - which is fine since it's within the rules but.... it does not seem like it would be a lot of fun to have that many games going.
  6. 01 May '09 19:53
    His rating has dropped dramatically. He must be letting games slide to time out.