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  1. 15 May '07 03:17
    Any ideas on how to attack via Nc6 ? Anyone here an expert on the Dutch, I just need general theory and guidelines on pivotal squares and !moves. What is the theory behind Nc6 vs c5 or c6, pro's and con's ??

  2. Donation !~TONY~!
    15 May '07 03:27
    What the heck are you talking about? In general, it helps to post the line you are talking about, and to check your notation.
  3. 15 May '07 05:14
    I'd learn the basics of the QGD & QGA before entering the bonkers world of the Dutch Defence if I were you.

    But, to put it in simple terms Nf6 guards the central e4 & d5 squares.
    I'm no expert & only score about 50% with the Dutch, but here's a mainline:


    white to play

    The Nf6 allows black to pretty much own e4, along with being ideally placed to go Ng4 threatening f2 or Nh5-Nf4.
    The knight move also uncovers fianchettoed Bg7.

    Black tends to get chances to expand on the KS at the expense of at least partly conceding the QS.