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  1. 24 Dec '05 07:07
    I lifted this from a yahoogroup I belong to ... thought you might find it interesting:

    From: Jim Francis
    Date: Fri Dec 9, 2005 11:58 am
    Subject: Re: [Chess_Library] Book in Chessbase format

    I have found this awesome site...It has games for chessbase and fritz...from old out of print books...but none the less awesome!
    This guy is a genius and if you have ever read a chessbook and said the variations would be easier to see if they were on a computer rather than try to keep up with a given position this is for mind you you must own the text in order to get the most out of it but the games (in most cases) are playable and enjoyable...the exception is Euwe's middlegame series...which he completely annotates so he tests you by asking you for a password enclosed in the text but this site is awesome...

    Best of luck
  2. 24 Dec '05 08:35
    Yep, its a decent site - pity about the 'missing' text/annotation to go with the games.
  3. 24 Dec '05 13:28
    I think that's what he meant by having to own the original texts. I think the site wouldn't be up if the guy decided to tickle the copyright laws...
  4. Standard member rbmorris
    25 Dec '05 04:16
    I use that site all the time. It's great!