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  1. 17 Apr '12 20:53 / 4 edits
    This was a game played on the playchess server tonight.
    surely one of my best blitz efforts ever.
    I'm playing black

    A few diagrams of the highlights

    This is the position after my 14...Qh5!?
    perhaps looking a little dangerous to voluntarily exposing my queen to discovered attacks, but so far the h3 pawnis under attack, and i had plans...

    White played 16.Ng5 with the awaited discovered attack on my queen

    a few moves later white has just played 21.Bf4

    white cannot take the rook without being mated on h1 in two moves.
    it's all about the h-file and the lethal bishop on f3
    and after 25.Qd2 it was time for me to finish off in style

    Instead of taking on h4 26.Kg1 Rxg3+! 27.fxg3 Qxg3+ is also mate on te next move
  2. 18 Apr '12 07:36 / 2 edits
    15.Kh2 is waste of time. 15.Ng5 Qg6 16.h4 seems to be better alternative.

    Also I don`t understand why White did not play 18.Qxg4 (instead of 18.h4?).

    Did I miss something?
  3. 18 Apr '12 13:11
    lol you're right. having a closer look reveals that the game was not that good anyway, no?
  4. 18 Apr '12 15:06
    Originally posted by watchyourbackrank
    lol you're right. having a closer look reveals that the game was not that good anyway, no?
    What else did you expect from blitz?
  5. 18 Apr '12 22:56
    Nice alert wrap up Queen sac with the Rook & Bishop mating pattern
    at the root of the idea. Typical blitz fun.
    One way around not letting other players spot the preceeding lemons is
    to just show the final trick.

    Here are a some tricks from blitz.

    I'm Black in both games.
    I'll show the opening trick as it contains a piece winning idea.

    Same game, I've not found a good way to sac back the piece back.
    (don't hang onto bits in Blitz, it bad manners.)
    Then this position popped up. White to play.

    And this was a nice swindle.