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Only Chess Forum

  1. 20 Aug '13 05:32
    Hi All,

    While I've been a subscriber to RHP for quite a few years now the one thing that continues to bug me is the blitz site. It's not terrible but I've had issues. En passant sometimes does not work, no three fold draw rep, can't change the size of the board, and so on. It also freezes on me - anyone else have this issue? That might be my internet or whatever.

    Aside from those "small" gripes listed above I also really wish that games could be rated - maybe seperate from our regular games ratings and just a RHP blitz rating? Maybe the choice to have rated or non-rated blitz games? Curious what you guys think.

    Love everything here except the blitz - as a subscriber I think that I have a right to say something about it and if you guys do too maybe the developers will take notice if people post in this thread. I can't be the only one who feels this way. And before any of you say go to another site let me refute - I'm on this site and I pay to play.


  2. 20 Aug '13 10:13
    There are several sites and standalone programs which provide excellent interfaces for playing blitz chess. RHP cannot hope to compete with these and to be honest I think they should just scrap their attempt as it is very poor compared to the rest of the site.
  3. 20 Aug '13 10:25
    I hear ya. Scrap or improve. I don't think they can compete - thats not what I'm talking about here. Just a bit better blitz setup for RHP. Does'nt have to have frills and lots of add ons just be fine tuned a little.
  4. 20 Aug '13 11:31
    Ech. Your right. Gameknot here I come
  5. 20 Aug '13 12:04
    I'm on most evenings and I've just started playing on Both are excellent. I still visit the RHP blitz site once a month or so just to see if it's still being used, but the interface is extremely basic. I doubt if the owners of RHP will put any more resources into it as I can't imagine it would bring in any more money.
  6. 20 Aug '13 21:44
    Alright. I will check those sites out. Thanks