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  1. 30 May '14 14:45
    Two battling games from the RHP Championship.

    The first one I thought I would win. The second one I thought I would lose.

    Burnsider - greenpawn34 RHP Ch.2014

    greenpawn34 - Burnsider RHP Ch.2014

  2. 30 May '14 15:36
    Best move of game 1 is 23. ..Qa8. I hadn't looked at anything other than Qxb5. The queen gets into the attack with tempo, and the heat is on!

    Haven't looked at game 2 yet, still feeling a bit bruised 😉
  3. 31 May '14 03:14
    Hi Burnsider.


    I just sat and stared and it. Maybe in view of what happened Qxb5 first.
    Maybe the whole exchnage sac was wrong but I play how I play OTB.
    I would do it again.

    In the second game my silly c4 and d5 plan. White to play.

    I played d5 expecting exd5 when my h6 Rook is back in the game with
    possible sacs on c6.
    Black cannot play Nxe5 because I have Qb2. This looks great for White.
    I played d5 and after Nxe5.

    I now see Qb2 hitting the Knight and b7 meets Nxd3+ winning the Queen.
    I now have to grovel a perpetual.

    Here I left two pieces hanging.

    You obviously cannot take the Bishop Rc1+ will cut Black up.
    Taking the Knight allows a perpetual at the very least. I have two checks
    on d7 or c5 to look at.

    Here was another blunder. White to play.

    I should just take the b1 Rook but I was so chuffed to see Nd5.

    Which stops all the Queen checks and ties the Queen to holding c7
    and allows the pawn to go on I totally missed Black can play Rb2+.
    I only saw it the moment after I pressed 'send'. ( you missed it too.)

    1...Rc2+ 2.Kc1 Qc5!

    Now what is happening?

    All good fun.
  4. 31 May '14 14:47
    The second game, the Rb2+ idea. Not remotely on my radar, too punch drunk. What happens after Rb2+ Kc1 Qc5 Kxb2 cxd3 e7?

    a) You can force the queens off if I try to cover the e8 square: Kb7 Qxb8+ Kxb8 e8Q+ Kb7 and Qe7+. My king will have to move to the kingside, your king can hold my passers up after the d-pawn drops. Would have been interesting to play out! Chances to hold maybe for me, if I can exchange a pair of pawns, or at least keep my g-pawn on the board.

    b) Simpler bet - take the perpetual starting with Qc2+ - had I seen the Rb2+ line that's what I would have done!

    Either outcome would have been better than what I actually played.
  5. 31 May '14 17:20
    Tis a good tournament, this. For the first time on RHP, I managed to win with a Q sac!