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  1. 10 Jun '09 07:10
    Hi guys,

    As I have read sometime before on this forum that you cannot play London system ONLY against 1...e5 I started to throw 1...e5 against London system players in my blitz games, with a relative success.

    As I am planning to do some little study on this opening(I hate to play blitz against strong London system players), I am interested in your opinions on this opening.
    Is any of you fan of it ?
  2. 10 Jun '09 09:33
    I regularly play it & have the book by Hall & Smith.
    It's good fun, but there are rather obvious ways for White to achieve a very good advantage in the main lines.
    I've noticed that 1.d4 e5 2.dxe5 Nc6 3.Nf3 Qe7 4.Bf4 Qb4+ 5.Bd2 Qxb2 6.Nc3 Bb4 7.Rb1 Qa3 8.Rb3 Qa5 9.e4 is easily found even by sub-1500 players in blitz.

    The best Black can do here is hope for a miracle.
    As I say, it is fun though & will take White out of book very quickly in most occasions.