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  1. 29 Dec '06 00:42
    this is a question directed at experienced players,i have just joined rhp and can't get enough of it.i start games and want to finish them,my play has improved but now i think i should consider the moves for longer raising my game further.if anyone has any thoughts i'd like to hear them.
    thanks philbeans
  2. Standard member Wulebgr
    29 Dec '06 01:09
    1. Play a reasonable number of games.
    2. Join
    3. Join a Clan
    4. Study your games that are over with a stronger player and a chess engine.
  3. 29 Dec '06 01:10
    Yes, you should study your games longer if you want to improve. I don't agree with buying an engine.
  4. 29 Dec '06 13:35
    thanks to both dmnelson and wulebqr for your advice on trying to improve my game,that's something for me to consider philbeans