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  1. 29 Dec '06 02:54
    has anyone read this series. i'm trying to make sure that i buy books that are going to help my play and not go over things that i already know.
  2. Standard member HomerJSimpson
    Renouned Grob Killer
    29 Dec '06 03:24
    John Donaldson highly recommends the books
  3. 29 Dec '06 03:36
    that doesn't really answer my question as to whether it would help my play or not.
  4. 29 Dec '06 03:51
    Chess Life did a review on the books. I think it was Pete Tamburo. Basically he panned the books and said it was not a line of study that a class player 0-2000 would necessarily benefit from. There are many really awesome books out there. Check out Lev Alburt's series .... read lots of tactics books.... Good Luck
  5. Standard member HomerJSimpson
    Renouned Grob Killer
    29 Dec '06 07:06 / 2 edits
    Although I cant really help you with what you asked, I would like to say that Ive found this article quite helpful, it takes you from 1200-2200 playing strength, we have similar playing strengths Ive finished the first two sections, and am starting the 1400-1600 section of it, its quite helpful

    Ive heard better reviews about the School of Chess Excellence series by Dvoresky, they're very advanced.