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  1. 07 May '10 08:03
    Grandmaster Natalia Pogonina, a top female Grandmaster with a FIDE rating of 2501 has chosen Chess Elite to try her hand at iPhone Chess. With this, chess players from all over the world have an opportunity to play chess with a Grandmaster.

    About Chess Elite: Chess Elite is a feature-rich correspondence chess game that allows players to send challenges to their address book contacts as well as to other players registered with the Chess Elite community. The game boasts of an Elo Rating system that rates the relative skills of all the players in the community. It also includes Push notification support that alerts players whenever a challenge is received or a move is made in a correspondence game.

    Players can view their Career summary and check the details of their games against other players. Along with this, they can also use the Analysis mode to analyze moves in an ongoing game. An interesting feature is the Chess Elite Clubs that categorizes players based on Elo Rating and Smart Groups that includes the Most Active Players, Most Promising Players and Past Opponents. A Chat feature makes the game complete by letting the players interact through the app to discuss Chess tips and tricks.

    Here's the link to the newsletter: