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  1. 12 Feb '07 13:49 official does that sound? lol

    Anyway, basically I am looking for someone to 'train' with online / via email. We could exchange opening ideas / theory and go through each others games etc. ( finished ones! ) and offer advice and improvements etc.. A 2 way deal, so that we can both benefit.

    Ideally this would be someone who has one or two openings in common with me - this would obviously help on the theory side.

    I play e4 as white - and then -
    Against Sicilian - Smith Morra Gambit
    Against French / Caro Kann - Advance Variation
    Against e5 - Belgrade / 4 Knights Gambit ( yes dodgy I know )

    And as Black :

    Against d4 - Dutch Stonewall
    Against e4 - Alekhine Defence

    As for playing level / ability - I am officially around 2065 OTB, current season performance is around 2030 OBT after a long layoff. So ideally someone in the 2000+ bracket.

    If anyone is genuinely up for this, please message me and we can chat.

  2. Standard member onyx2006
    12 Feb '07 13:59
    That's a good idea, I do it with another member of this site, really helps your opening theory, especially when playing a few set pieces form the same position and trying different variations.