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Only Chess Forum

  1. 23 Oct '10 16:27
    Hi there

    I am relatively new to chess and hence would like someone to play with or someone who might be able to teach/help me a little.

    I am rated around 1400 on FICS.

    If you are interested just write a personal message on this site, and then we will figure something out.

    Hope to hear from you!
  2. 23 Oct '10 18:30
    Not interested personally [fellow patzer], but it would be more informative if you dumped your whole FICS stat block, including number of wins and losses, and RD. '1400' is hard to work with without knowing whether it's provisional or not.
  3. 23 Oct '10 21:03

    Here are my stats at FICS:

    rating win loss draw total best

    Blitz: 920 19 60 2 81 975

    Standard: 1395 81 92 6 179 1434

    Furhtermore I would like to add that I have a rating of 1836 on Chesstempo, standard tactics.
  4. Standard member Thabtos
    I am become Death
    23 Oct '10 23:36
    I knew the gag the second I saw that some were given white and others black. How do you explain him figuring out the pieces on the board though?
  5. 24 Oct '10 10:54
    No need to be sarcastic I am just asking.
  6. 24 Oct '10 11:10
    I think he was responding to the thread about Derren Brown's 'simul exhibition'.
  7. 24 Oct '10 11:28
    I would play a few games here first so that people can see what your level is. FICS ratings don't translate well to RHP ratings - the games are very different. Play some slow games, taking at least 1 day to think about each move. That should give a good indication of your level.

    You could also do a lot worse that just reading this forum regularly. A lot of experienced players post and analyse games here, and people like greenpawn regularly make useful postings aimed at helping the improving player.