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  1. 16 Nov '06 18:59
    Does anyone know that latest n greatest handheld gizmoo that can play a good game of chess whilst on the move? If it can double up as a PDA or mobile then it would appeal to me.
  2. 17 Nov '06 21:34
    Hmm non of you use PDAs or mobiles with chess? Doing internet searches reveals interesting stuff like :-

    - pocketfritz which needs pocket pc or windowsmobile to run
    - fritzmobile offers access to playchess from your mobile phone.
    - hiarcs for the palm

    The quality of games/graphical interface leaves alot to be desired. The cost is as much as a new version of fritz/hiarcs.

    It is not surprising then that some of these pocket versions do not even follow the rules of chess!?
  3. Standard member coentje
    17 Nov '06 21:47
    you could try shredder

    supposed to be for a cell phone, don't know if it works on a pda, did not really look at the requirements.