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  1. Standard member vivify
    13 Dec '12 02:58 / 2 edits
    Each pair of images combine to make a chess-related idea. None of them are really that hard, if you think about it. Add your own as well.

    Riddle number one:

    Number two:

    Number three:

    Number four:
  2. Subscriber 64squaresofpain On Vacation
    The drunk knight
    13 Dec '12 03:07
    Don't mean to ruin it for anyone but number 2 is Bobby Fischer lolz

    It would be better if this site allowed pictures to be posted int forums....
    or then again would it?
  3. Standard member vivify
    13 Dec '12 03:10 / 2 edits
    Can you hide your answer? (thought it really wasn't that hard). Thanks.

    EDIT: I added one more riddle.
  4. Standard member vivify
    13 Dec '12 04:58 / 5 edits

    1. Queens Gambit (Freddie Mercury [lead singer of Queen] + Gambit from X-Men)

    2. Bobby Fischer (English Bobby plus fisherman)

    3. Stalemate (stale, moldy bread, plus animals mating)

    4. Minor piece (coal miner, plus peace symbol).