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  1. 16 Mar '09 01:08
    I'm looking for a good trap book. Any recommendations? Now remember, I'm not looking for a crappy book, only a good one.

    I play the French against e4 and have started playing Kosten's Dynamic English as White. Against d4 I don't have a defense that I always use. I mention this because doing the google search it seems trap books are based on openings.

  2. 16 Mar '09 02:57
    correct traps are not located later in the game, they call those tactics. A book of traps is not very usefull. It just shows poor opening play and how to capitalize on it. Usually one can calculate what will happen if they take a piece or move one of their own. There is a book called opening traps and zaps but I've never read it. I think its a waste of time, there are little traps with d4 and much more traps per say for black against e4 because they tend to lead to tactical rich games.
  3. 16 Mar '09 03:02
    When I was reading the descriptions of a couple of books, people said it was little more than a tacitics book that show how the tactics arise. I'm hoping that this would be educational, both for the openings I play and the openings people use against me!
  4. 16 Mar '09 03:02
    sorry to be so negative. I have found bruce pandolfinis book called weapons of chess was a very good book when I was at your level. Same goes for the books by yasser seirwan.
  5. 16 Mar '09 03:21
    Seirwan books look nice. I've thought about picking up a couple of those books. The titles I'm considering are:

    Winning Chess Tactics, revised
    Winning Chess Brilliancies
    Winning Chess Combinations
    Play Winning Chess

    Does anyone know what order I should get the books or what order to read them in? Or does it matter?
  6. 16 Mar '09 04:23
    Play Winning Chess is book 1.

    It teaches how the pieces move all the way up to basic strategy.

    Winning Chess Tactics is book 2.

    It has examples of all the different tactics that can come about.

    Winning Chess Strategies is book 3.

    This explains about making plans and long term goals (rather than the combinations in the previous volume).

    Winning Chess Brilliancies (was originally book 4 ... now there are a few more on openings and endings).

    It is really just a grandmaster game collection with excellent annotations. It's not really part of the study program (although it certainly helps).