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  1. Standard member CalWriter
    Creative Genius
    11 Sep '13 01:22
    Does anyone know how to save a position into the CB12 Rep DB? I want to try a certain system setup and want to look for games in it.
  2. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    11 Sep '13 23:57 / 1 edit
    Can you rephrase the question? If the position is from a game or line already in the database, you can simply search for it. If it's not, you need to simply add the game or line leading to the position in the database.

    I'm not sure about simply copying and pasting a position without any moves, but I think if you open a new board and then use position setup, you should be able to copy the position into the database. I haven't tried that, but it's worth a shot.