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Only Chess Forum

  1. 13 May '18 15:29
    Hey guy!

    I sent this to the Ginger one:

    I've spent the last month reviewing all angles of our previous games and employed the services of both Sherlock Holmes and Batman to work on match strategy.

    I am finally ready to proverbially slap you in the face with a glove/dead duck and demand a rematch!

    He accepted...

    Its official, rematch confirmed for 15th May Tuesday night 8pm GMT! Can I avoid the 10-Nil...

    Live on:

    Last time out didnt go well but this time itll be different!

    Please tune in!
  2. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    16 May '18 09:47
    Haha, good luck patz! What opening are you planning to play?