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  1. Standard member wargamer66
    Steve B.
    15 Nov '07 19:10 / 1 edit
    The following was a consultation game that lasted several months and hundreds of messages in our respective clan forums.

    Game 2342171

    I think we (Smiffy's Pawn Stars) had an advantage early on and really clamped down on the Q-side, but that eventually became a liability because our knights were sort of frozen from then on. The game was finally drawn, but arguably the Funky Movers had a slight advantage because their rook is pretty well placed.

    Thanks to everyone who played, it was a fun game.
  2. 15 Nov '07 19:17
    It would be intresting to see some of your players analysis of the positions. I think we might have played on but marinkatomb has been having internet trouble recently and was not sure if he would be able to be around to make the moves often.
  3. 15 Nov '07 22:13
    I used to be in the funkies and at one time was attempting to store some of our posts on this ran to so many pages! Yes it'd be very interesting to see the notes from both sides.
  4. Standard member Smiffy
    16 Nov '07 12:26
    well i think it was a draw so did all the clan.we will be looking for another consultation game in the next few months but we are going to have a break first as this lasted was a brilliant game and some of the votes and moves were mad moves id never have played