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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 05 Oct '14 13:24
    Please tell me the names of endgame books. Is sierawan's any good?
  2. 06 Oct '14 18:30
    Sierawan or however it is spelled may still be a GM.
  3. 08 Oct '14 04:07
    I give 2 thumbs up to Jeremy Silman's endgame book.

    to quote Rick James "wish I had more thumbs" 😉
  4. 08 Oct '14 07:44
    I have seirawan's. It's very good.
  5. 09 Oct '14 21:01
    Silmans complete end game course is very good. Essential chess endongs is also good, though a little tougher to work through.
  6. 10 Oct '14 07:35
    Sorry, I meant silman's. I also have pandolfini's endgame course, which is ok; but it has a few typos and makes more sense once silman has explained the basic ideas.