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  1. 30 Mar '09 14:45 / 1 edit
    A couple months back I posted some games where I had a win but didn't pull the tactical trigger and our friend Greenpawn gave some kindly advice and told me to post a tactical brilliancy in the future. Well... I just won 1st prize for my rating class in our City's major tournament over the weekend and would like to share the final game in which I defeated a player 200 points higher than me in 22 moves! I thought I played it well tactically, and my opponent is a strong tactical player. Take a look and see what you think, analysis welcome. Yes...20.Qf5+ was even quicker, but hey, I wanted to extend the joy of my win :-) I'm white...

  2. 30 Mar '09 15:06
    Hi at work so just ran through it.

    Don't think he should have taken the Knight - after that it's curtains.

    On Bg5 (cannot recall move number) looks like you were ready
    to give up two pieces for a Rook & pawn & uncastled King.

    Sometimes OK, sometimes not - only glanced at it as the moves
    were skipping past

    (cannot go back as chess on the screen stands out and there are
    bosses hovering.)

    But very well played, you spotted the shot and went for it.
    (never mind missing the quicker win - Morphy used to take the long
    way round if it's the first line he saw).

    Glad I helped, glad you posted, feeling a bit down at the moment
    and this has cheered me up.

    How much did you win and what is my cut.

    (you can buy Rampant Chess with the winnings).