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  1. 14 Jun '12 13:32
    Well the manual is no use. Does anybody know how to use the database function with this programme? I have the database that came with it, that's fine. I have made a rhp database to keep my games in, that is also fine - though I don't yet know how to search through games etc. The problem is I've signed up for the tactics time newsletter, and got a sample database with that, plus I've got a game in pgn from the first newsletter so I've started a tactics time2 database with that, to allow me to play through the games on screen as I read the newsletter - I can open both of these through the protracted File>Open and then searching for them, but how do i make them appear as databases in the database browser window on the right? For some reason my RHP database is there, my tactics time one isn't. Despite the fact I think I created them both in the same way!
  2. Standard member Wulebgr
    14 Jun '12 17:37
    Google Steve Lopez. He has written hundreds of help articles for ChessBase products. For your issue, I believe the help files that come with the program are adequate, however.

    It takes time to learn your way around ChessBase software. I could help you, but I would need to turn on my other computer, open Fritz 13, and figure out the process. As I use ChessBase 11 for database functions, I use Fritz principally for playing against and analysis.