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  1. 03 Apr '14 00:24
    I visited his site a couple of days ago and everything was working. Today when I tried to open the page it was offline. Does any of you know what might be wrong? Do you know him?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. 03 Apr '14 09:59
    I'm afraid Gunther Ossimitz died over a year ago:
  3. 04 Apr '14 01:14
    Thanks Data Fly. There was a lot of stuff on his website that you can't find anywhere else. Kind of unique. It's really odd that none of his friends, or anyone else for that matter, aren't interested in taking over, or rescuing, the chess part of his website. Something simple. For example, someone could simply transfer it to a place where it doesn't cost anything to store files for the general public to download. It shouldn't bee too hard to find such a place nowadays.

    Anyhow, the file I was interested in was the PGN of all the games in 500 Master Games of Chess (Tartakower). Just the games, of course. I'm not talking about a stupid PDF file of the whole book. I used to have access to the DB books on but, recently, the password got changed for all the files on there.

    Anyway, if anyone could help me with this I'd really appreciate it.

  4. 04 Apr '14 09:53
    The Wayback Machine can often save the day in situations like this:
  5. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    04 Apr '14 11:48
    Originally posted by Data Fly
    The Wayback Machine can often save the day in situations like this:
    This is gold! Thanks a bunch!