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  1. 29 Dec '06 15:41
    Van Perlo's "Endgame tactics, A Comprehensive Guide to the Sunny Side of Endgames". I received it for Christmas and found out my family had gotten a copy of the book from a woman who worked fior Van Perlo (she lives in US but spent time working as a nurse in the Netherlands). Even better I found out the copy of the book i received was actually Van Perlo's copy!! I have begun reading it and though i am a beginner, i find it to be very interesting and easy to read. Has anyone else read this book and if so please let me know what you think as Van Perlo wants to hear from me about his book, and i would like to let him know what others have thought as well.
  2. Standard member HomerJSimpson
    Renouned Grob Killer
    29 Dec '06 17:29 / 2 edits
    its a good book, I own it, it has a lot of endgame problems, its kind of like a tactics puzzle book but for endgames