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  1. 04 Mar '12 14:16
    hedonist in the Championship has been playing 1…Nh6 as Black
    against anything White opens with…and has won 2 out of 3 games.

    As White he has played 1.Nh3 and has 4 wins from 5 games.
    All his White wins are under 25 moves.

    You don't tell people moves like 1.Nh3 and 1...Nh6 are not the best
    if they keep winning with it. Maybe he's right. The P.8 W.6 stats are in his favour.
    Infact he is proof that memorising opening moves are all fiddle-faddle.
    Play chess. That is what he is doing.

    We shall look at one of his Black’s.

    mennodepenno - hedonist RHP Ch 2012.

  2. Standard member hedonist
    peacedog's keeper
    04 Mar '12 17:18
    Hmm. Maybe I'm not the Mozart of chess. More like the Peter Andre of chess.

    The reason I'm starting most of my games like that is because I'm moving about alot just now so most of my stuff is in storage. Including my Ladybird Book of Chess Openings.

    I opened this way at the recent Perth Congress, to the disgust of my opponents. Only got 2 out of 5. But I was only hammered in the opening faze in one of the games. Putting the bishop on c4 and doing a quick h4 h5 causes black alot of trouble.

    Regarding this game. I thought the bishop maneuver was slow and artificial at the time. But you were right about me not wanting his rook on the 7th. Could think of no other way to prevent it.

    Thanks for posting a game from the cheap seats. I feel honoured.