1. e4
    06 May '08
    26 Jul '23 06:431 edit

    This weeks study by N.G. Grigoriev is deceptively simple

    As always it is White to play and win

    It looks easy, hardly worth a study. 1.f4 and White Queens with a check.
    Looks deceive. After 1.f4 Kb4 and the Black King can catch the f-pawn.

    I then stumbled upon Gary Weaver - virgiltavi RHP 2022

    Black played 72...Kf7 and lost. But it can be drawn.

    And then I found shouresh - Gajo Richie RHP 2022 (White to move)

    White played 1.Ke4 to stop Black playing 1...Kd5 entering the pawn
    promotion square and when Black noticed that White promotes with
    the all important check they resigned but once again Black had a draw.

    Then a selection of Red Hot Pawn positions (4) with one of our players
    needlessly taking a Rook only to be checkmated on the very next move.
    Blog Post 576
  2. Surrey
    04 Mar '15
    27 Jul '23 15:24
    Really instructive blog this week - brilliant as always
  3. e4
    06 May '08
    28 Jul '23 08:16
    Thanks Malky,

    Sometimes i do a goodie and I knew this one was going that when I found
    the Gary Weaver - virgiltavi RHP 2022 game. Because in the heat of the battle

    if I saw that position coming I may have been too clever and assumed
    there must be a Zugzwang where White plays a well timed e5 and wins
    that I may have resigned rather than see it for myself. It is instructive.

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