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  1. 08 Apr '09 14:06 / 6 edits
    This is a post on how to finish games. Sometimes, you have some clear positional or material advantage. but still do not know how to win. When your opponent looks good, you may want to finish the game quickly.
    and then, what is better than finding THE good move?
    it may not always be obvious, but you would bet there is one...
    This post is to demonstrate that when you have a dominating situation, there is always a way to finish game quickly.
    you just have to find the way...
    (and by the way, this is a way for me to post funny games, and moves).

    Here is the first one. will you find the good move? Black to play. I hope you'll like it.
    (the game is over since long).

    Please, do not hesitate to share! I will propose another one soon...
    By the way, I would be interested if someone could bring a refutation of Black d6 sacrifice (implied by 12. ... Be6).
  2. Standard member Yuga
    08 Apr '09 14:23 / 1 edit
    Bh3 as g2 cannot be easily defended.

    Not sure if that move is correct as white does not have to take and could play f3 for instance for breathing room.
  3. 08 Apr '09 14:28
    presumably Bh3 and then if the sacrifice is refused, Bxg2 mate. If the sacrifice is accepted Qf3 mate.
  4. 08 Apr '09 18:01
    Originally posted by Steinberg
    presumably Bh3 and then if the sacrifice is refused, Bxg2 mate.
  5. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    08 Apr '09 18:34 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by Yuga
    [hidden] * [/hidden]

    Not sure if that move is correct as white does not have to take and could play f3 for instance for breathing room.
    1...Bh3 2.f3 Bxg2+ 3.Kxg2 Qg5+
    4.Kh1 Ng3+ with ...Rd2 to follow
    4.Kf2 Nf4 with too many threats: ...Rd2+, ...Qg2+, ...Nh3+, ...Nd3+
    4.Kh3 Nf4#
    looks promising.
  6. 11 Apr '09 03:17
    yeah Bh3 looks to be promising although I don't know how black would continue if white doesn't take. Doesn't seem to be a win anytime soon.
  7. 11 Apr '09 17:31
    Having looked at the position for far longer than is healthy, I agree with SwissGambit. I can't see anything decisively quicker.

    But after Black's d6 sacrifice, doesn't White lose his queen (for a piece) after
    15.0-0 Rfd8 16. Qc5 Nd4
  8. 11 Apr '09 18:17 / 3 edits
    Well, for d6 sacrifice, he doesn't lose his queen, but yes, he lost his bishop... actually, after Nd4, the good move was probably to take the rook: Qxrd8, Rxd8 and cxNd4 and situation was not so bad for white.
    Still I could not find anywhere this line, but I would very interested if someone to refute d6 sacrifice... because it is not so bad, I would be very interested ...

    Ok, now let's give the answer! the answer to my question was of course Bh3. Pretty hard to see, when no one tells you to look. and then, there is lot of analysis to make sure everything is OK. but what is positionnally striking is that most of his pieces are far away. Especially the Queen, which takes no less than three moves to go to g2!

    I spent a lot of time on this tactical analysis, and I do not have the courage to reproduce it, and to find all the possibilities again.
    Of course, the bishop cannot be taken.
    and then, the good move is Bxg2. with many many threats, but also many apparent ways to escape (which would be annoying: it would mean you just gave back the piece you got before from him...)

    Here is how the game went on; I remember my opponent played the best line (i.e. the longuest and most complicated) I had in mind. And I am pretty sorry, I can't remember what the plan was with f3...

    EDIT: I became pretty lazy for the end of the game, which has very little interest. Soon I will try to post another one, the same sort of stuff...

  9. 11 Apr '09 18:39 / 1 edit
    Does 23...Nf4 win the Queen?
  10. 11 Apr '09 18:59 / 3 edits
    Rxc5 instead of c5 at end the game wins right away, It make both rook disappear and leave with knight vs nothing.

    and just to tell you, Taking the rook was horrible. Nxe2 Check then Rxc8, white is not better.

    Maybe Qd2 instead of 0-0. After Rd8 the queen is safe on e3...Not c2 and I don't think c1 is okay too, commun sense would desagree.

    But i have seen all of it.

    Seem like 0-0 was a blunder. he let his queen hanging out too long, hence, she got trapped.

    My toughts
  11. 11 Apr '09 20:34 / 1 edit
    Very nice example and game.

    I thought 1...Bh3 followed by 2...Bxg2+ 3. Kxg2 Nf4+ 4. Kh1 Nd3 seemed good but I didn't calculate further out. Congrats if you did calculate that whole thing out, very impressive. That probably could be played on intuition also because there were quite a bit of threats and I didn't see much else for black. The position seemed to demand action such as you took since the White's pieces were out of play. Anything slower and black could get his queen and knight back in the game and put up resistance.

    I think 23...Nf4 does win the queen faster (as another post says) since it threatens mate.
  12. 12 Apr '09 02:53
    If you look only for the psychological effect, Bxa2 followed by Qxf2 makes the trick IF the opponent is greedy enough, suppressing the 2 rooks from the 1st row and allow a mate with the black rook.

    Unfortunately, if on Qxf2, the first rook go back to a1, pity !
    But nevertheless black is still ahead, with a more challenging game i presume. Depending on psychological factors, time remaining and so on, this is maybe worth a try.