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  1. 18 Nov '16 21:57 / 1 edit

    And it was weird to me how he was surprised when I offered hand to resign, he acted funny, and now I see that I deceived myself into desperation and resigned draw.

    Edit>>> it was my move. I didn't see that I could capture bishop on d4, I made myself think it was beautiful mask from White's side.

    Okay, now I can comfort myself with Timman's case from last year.
  2. 18 Nov '16 22:46
    Now I am drinking Irish aberfeld in a pub and conceiving official complain to tournament board
  3. 18 Nov '16 22:48
    Tjat woman with rigning phone
  4. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    18 Nov '16 23:19
    Originally posted by vandervelde
    Tjat woman with rigning phone
    You better stick to marijuana......
  5. Subscriber moonbus
    19 Nov '16 06:31
    Don't fret. Someday some opponent of yours is bound to resign a drawn position.
  6. 19 Nov '16 12:28
    MALTA OPEN 2016
    Hotel Imperial, Maltese Chess Federation
    Organizers Clarence Psaila, and Jurgen Swampe

    Jiohnny Van der Velde
    Serbian federation

    Official complaint regarding the incident during 8th Round, on November 18th

    Johhny VDV, FIDE Id 0000000 Serbian federation, and this is my third consecutive competiton in Malta Open.


    An unknown woman's smartphone rang twice in the middle of the games! She reluctantly left the chess hall, and went into a corridor where he had a long conversation. I could hear her voice from the corridor, since I was sitting close the door.
    I was upset and discovered later that I resigned the draw position!


    I hereby file the complaint regarding an incident that occurred last evening, during 8th round of Malta Open, near the end of the session, in the zeitnøds when the games are decided, get won or lost.
    An unknown woman's smartphone rang.
    At first I thought it was a phone of some unfortunate player, but it was a phone of a woman who does not take part in the tournament. I think.
    She reluctantly left the chess hall and while she was walking out, the phone rang again.
    The old guy umpire, otherwise very simpatico man (he reminds me on my mathematics teacher from elementary school and he could be a character in a sitcom about an absent-minded professors) showed the woman out, all right, but he failed to take some action when the woman made the conversation from the corridor.
    My otherwise fair opponent even asked the old umpire what it was about and I didn't hear the answer but it seemed that umpire gave some benevolent explanation why the woman had to make this phone call.
    I was so upset - I was in time trouble - and I resigned the position, which I later found it was draw!!!
    Who is to blame for it?
    I may blame lack of peace in the world, Brexit, my bad chess skill etc, but I choose to blame this bloody NN woman and referees who did not act more determined and show phone ringing woman out of the corridor not only out of the hall.
    I request official explanation::: who was this woman and why was she in the chess hall with smartphone?
    If she had urgent matters, what did she do between chess players, he should have asked Red Cross or what do I know, an embassy or something?!
    This complaint might sound silly to you, or may look as an at of sore looser.
    But, keep in mind, that I came from Serbia. Flights and accomodation costed me nearly 1000 euros. It is not easy to come to Malta from Serbia. I was really looking forward to this tournament. And I think my game improved since my come-back in Malta 2014.
    And last, but not least, I was No 2 for the prize in my rating group. Had I drawed, I would be now sharing I place for my first ever chess prize since 1979!
    I can comfort myself that even Jan Timm<n resigned in won position last year, but tat is not the point.
    The point is that some NN woman made me upset in crucial moments of very important game.
    Thanks for your attention:::: ____________________

    J. v.d.v. FIDE Id 00000000, Serbian federation
  7. 19 Nov '16 12:35
    And, so?
    It turned out that old guy umoire was cheaf arbiter Christian and Caillieri or so, and his first words were - "I condemn your personal attack to me. I am not demented!"!
    Where on Earth id I wrote that?!

    Fyck Policitcal Corretctness.
    hat is why people so easy vote for guys like Mr. Trump.

    I mean, what the fyck!
    Than the old guy asked if I "distrubuted this anywhere else"?!

    And only after this he assumed nicer tone and justified all gis even with words shiiiit happens and "it i open, no one control visitors...
    It turned out tha woman was girfriend of a player, who said - according to old umpire - "this is not my business!"
    And it was abridged comlaint, I let out all observatons of woman´s appearane, and that her boyfriend must be sissy and smalldicked chessists, and everything.

    And it sill was not good enough.

    I mean, this Policital Correctness is a plague.
    Motiffes were good, perhaps, but it turned out to bee just another tool for harassing people you dislike.

    No more Malta never again!
  8. Subscriber moonbus
    20 Nov '16 10:23
    In any professionally organized event, mobile phones (ringing or not) and any other devices capable of communicating with the Internet are forbidden in tournaments. Is there some fine print from that tournament?
  9. 20 Nov '16 11:55
    Originally posted by moonbus
    In any professionally organized event, mobile phones (ringing or not) and any other devices capable of communicating with the Internet are forbidden in tournaments. Is there some fine print from that tournament?
    No fine print, but maybe that´s the reason the umpire asked me "Did you distributed this to other places?!", maybe he was afraid someone else might flearn about his sloppiness?

    In the mean time I find out that this woman was "girfriend" of GermanMathias Tonndorf, who did well on the tournament.
  10. 20 Nov '16 13:25
    "I find out that this woman was "girfriend" of German Mathias Tonndorf, who did well on the tournament."

    That is because his secret weapon, his girlfriend, is going around putting other players off.
  11. 22 Nov '16 16:27
    I got quick and serious response from some people from Arbiters' and Ethics commissions from European Chess Federation. I attached my complaint to my mails.
    I intent now to push this thing forward.
    (I am still angry, perhaps because of I had a lot to wait in lines to-day, in banks and in other errands, after long journey I had to finish some bureaucratic things.)

    That German player and his "girlfriend" are some kind of Bonnie and Clyde, he makes surprising results and she is distracting players with her phone. I was probably collateral damage that evening, she had someone else in mind, surely, but that ruined everything I created in first 7 rounds... I was No 2 in the race for best results in my rating group, and was feeling in good form.