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  1. 18 Mar '13 14:38
    How do I go about doing that without getting my a** kicked by his bodyguards?
  2. 18 Mar '13 14:43
    I sat next to him at the London Chess Classic - Malcolm Pein's son was showing me a nice game he'd just won and Kasparov came and sat at our table to do some paperwork. I felt very nervous of offering any opinions about the game with the greatest player ever sat next to us half listening.

    So if you want to meet Kasparov go along to the next London Chess Classic and beg, borrow or steal a VIP pass.
  3. Standard member vivify
    18 Mar '13 20:00
    Chess players have bodyguards?
  4. 18 Mar '13 20:46
    Originally posted by vivify
    Chess players have bodyguards?
    That one does. Vladimir Putin ain't no joke.
  5. 19 Mar '13 21:42
    Buy a copy of any book he has written.
    Approach him and ask him to sign it, take along a friend and he will pose
    for a picture.

    I've never known that ploy to fail.

    (Topolov used it on me when he asked me to sign my book.... ....and by
    the way you could have have met a nicer chess player. A real gent.)

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