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  1. 17 Oct '11 14:25 / 2 edits

    white to play and win
  2. Subscriber Ponderable On Vacation
    17 Oct '11 14:40
    Bd4+ after cxd4 RxQ
  3. 17 Oct '11 14:44
    Originally posted by Ponderable
    [hidden]Bd4+ after cxd4 RxQ[/hidden]
    was that one too easy! ill try some more and see if i can find one with a quiet move. I
    liked that tactic though, there were so many pins going on, the black king could not
    possibly move, thus the queen had to giver herself up!
  4. 17 Oct '11 15:15
    The solution posted is the obvious part - the slightly trickier line is 1. Bd4+ f6 2. ...
  5. 17 Oct '11 16:18 / 9 edits
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