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  1. 02 Apr '10 21:48
    I use an iphone when I want to play and am away from home. Today I ran into the thing that says that a client can play on their phone with a screen sized board and go to it with aa APP type button on the screen but I have no clue how to do this.
  2. 02 Apr '10 22:52
    I don't have an iPhone, but I have a Motorola Droid, and I have no difficulty making moves through my phone's web browser. It's actually quite handy, I get the notification email from RHP, touch the link in the email, and then make my move on the browser when it comes up.

    You might want to try it using the iPhone's web browser, it might work for you too!
  3. 03 Apr '10 00:07
    I use the web browser all the time. RedHotPawn claims to have an APP for the iPhone that will have a full-screen playing board and I want to try it. I play all the time on their browser...Thanks
  4. 03 Apr '10 00:24 can ignore this one...I can't say I figured it out, because I am not sure I could do it again, but I got it. I learned that I can change any web site into an APP button
  5. 04 Apr '10 18:17
  6. 05 Apr '10 14:33
    I use the website app, you just have to get it from the link. While you can use the browser, the app is more user friendly for the screen. I wish they added a move history though